Hubertushof Breathing House

Seminar house and conference centre

We look forward to your visit to our homepage. We are a seminar centre and place of power in the middle of Bavaria's nature. Take a look around and let yourself be inspired. We offer our rooms for your individual needs.

There are many reasons that make our seminar house attractive for participants and organisers. Here are some important aspects that you should consider when choosing a seminar centre:

Location: Our seminar house is beautifully and quietly situated in a secluded location in the middle of a nature reserve. This makes it attractive for your participants, as there are many opportunities here to get away from everyday life and concentrate on the event in close contact with nature.

Facilities: The facilities of a seminar centre are also important. Participants want to feel comfortable in an environment that is suitable for the workshop. This includes sufficient space for all participants, adequate technical equipment and comfortable seminar rooms with good energy levels. We have everything you need to feel at home and to hold a modern seminar.

Accommodation and catering: Participants pay great attention to the quality of the accommodation and catering in the seminar house. Comfortable accommodation (all our rooms have their own bathroom and access to a balcony) with excellent vegetarian catering (this is what we are known for) and sufficient restful sleep (the secluded location provides heavenly peace and quiet) help participants to concentrate better and work with commitment. Another plus point: living water from our own spring.

Cost: The cost of accommodation and catering is also important. We are a seminar centre that offers excellent value for money, and participants can be sure that they will receive high quality at a reasonable price.

Flexibility: We are a seminar venue that is flexible and can accommodate the diverse needs of organisers and participants. We offer a wide range of event formats and hire periods and are able to cater for special requirements or requests.

It is important to us that our seminar house creates an environment that enables participants to concentrate on the seminar, feel comfortable and then leave us enriched and energised.