Bayern Ticket (9am-3am next day)
1 person-26 €, 2 persons-34 € etc.
Bayern Ticket night (6pm-6am next day)
1 person-24 €, 2 persons-29 € etc.

Allows you to travel free on all regional trains in Bavaria and includes free use of public transport in Nuremberg and Regensburg. ICE (fast trains (e.g. Munich-Nuremberg or Regensburg-Nuremberg) must be booked in advance and are more expensive). The Bayern-Ticket offers space for up to 5 people (gradual price increase) - much cheaper than anything else.

Bayern-Ticket - Attention: Use only possible after 9.00 a.m.

Our address: Atemhaus Hubertushof, Poppenberg 5, 95505 Immenreuth

We wish you a safe and easy journey. It's easier than it sounds, you'll see.